Vintage Log Cabins

The Ackerman Handcrafted Log Homes line of Vintage Cabins, at present, range from just under 300 square feet to over 800 square feet. Our designs are based on cabins that were built in the early 1900’s. However, we are able to replicate any style or look from any era or part of the world. Smaller logs of 10 to 12-inch diameters are used and are typically left natural or rustic peeled. Although most of our Vintage Log Cabins feature the chinked round log style, we can offer any style of joinery. Also see this


  1. We offer four plans to choose from, and plan to add more designs in the future.
  2. Smaller logs are used for cost efficiency.
  3. We can build many of these cabins in a short period of time, so they are ideal as single or multiple guest cabins, offices, tack houses, golf courses or as the prefect landscape addition to a large parcel of land.
  4. These cabins can be reassembled quite easily by a contractor or homeowner.

Although we are eager to replicate any style or historical building, we are not interested in lowering our standard of craftsmanship, or using a joinery technique that we feel is destined to fail.

Square Face Dovetailed Timber

Logs are band saw milled on the two vertical faces, and left naturally round at top and bottom. Logs may be hand hewn if desired. Log walls typically have a 1 to 2 inch space between them. However, the full scribe technique can be utilized the full length of the logs. Corners are joined with compound dovetail notches. A typical log would be 10 inches thick and 15 to 17 inches high at mid-span. Other details for this style include galvanized pipe rods and plywood blocking at openings and structural areas for stability, and a hidden sealer strip system at the notches.


  1. Between the compound angles of the notch and the rustic natural lines of the rounded sides of the logs, this is the answer for the more “timber-oriented” homeowner.
  2. This style lends itself well to timber style roof support systems.
  3. It is feasible for a homeowner or contractor to reassemble the log package themselves.
  4. The flattened faces of the log walls make it easier to finish the home.

5.Ackerman Handcrafted Log Homes believes this style is the perfect marriage of old word craftsmanship and new world technology. Each notch is planned on a CAD (computer aided drafting) program. Each notch has its own dimension. Then the layout is transferred onto the log for placement of our custom dovetail template jigs. The result is a handcrafted structure that has used new technology tools for efficiency of building.

  1. Depending on design, these log structures can usually be pre-assembled in a short period of time, and be ready for shipping.


  1. As with other styles, design is very important. Walls cannot be as long as in other styles due to the taper of the logs and the geometry of the compound dovetail notch.
  2. A decision must be made whether to allow the structure to settle or not. If the walls are full-scribed, the structure must be allowed to settle.
  3. Although the notches will be sealed with a hidden sealer strip system, the vertical shoulders of the notches will inevitably shrink and gap to some degree. This is not a problem, only a consideration.. This gap is typically chinked or caulked later.
  4. High quality, large diameter logs must be used to achieve the proper profile for the notches.
  5. The thermal performance of the log will be decreased by milling the two vertical faces.

Building Team

Ackerman Handcrafted Log Homes offers comprehensive services. We work directly with owners as well as with architects, contractors and interior designers to see that each log structure is designed and built to your complete satisfaction.

In some cases we may serve as consultants to architects and builders in the design of a log home or the addition of log accents. We are happy to share our years of expertise to assure that your log home is built with integrity for beauty and strength that will last for many years.

We also offer a list of architects who specialize in the design of log homes. Contact us for the most current information.