Handcrafted Full Scribe

Hand-peeled logs are individually scribed so that each log fits perfectly the full length of the log. Mid-span diameters of logs average 12 to 20 inches. A special “shrink-to-fit” notch is used along with other techniques so that the log structure actually tightens as the logs shrink and settle. A hidden sealer strip inside of the log joinery is applied for added air block. No chinking is needed. Slip joints are used at windows, doors, fireplaces, frame walls, etc.


  1. The Ackerman full scribe log structure is the perfect log structure because it takes full advantage of the profile and thermal properties of the logs.
  2. The visual effect of the natural shapes of the logs tightly joining each other is stunning – a true display of high-end craftsmanship.
  3. No chinking is required. Maintenance is limited to the normal periodic staining and caulking of any exterior checks that may be exposed to rain.
  4. Our log homes have great resale value and are often advertised by local realtors as Ackerman Log Homes.

5.We have over 20 years of experience building full scribe log structures and we use every technique available to build log shells that will perform properly.

  1. As with any Ackerman log home, very high quality logs up to 20 inches in diameter are handpicked for each project.


  1. Log structure design is important. The log builder should be involved in the design process to make sure that the log structure will work well.
  2. Logs must be allowed to settle over the life of the structure to stay tight. Settling is not a problem; it is an inevitable fact that must be addressed. We at Ackerman Handcrafted Log Homes actually use settling to our advantage.
  3. Due to the many complex techniques required for a Full Scribe structure to function properly, we recommend that the log builder be contracted to provide a “full service” log shell. This includes pre-assembly, shipping to the site, reassembly and detailing the logs for proper window and door openings, fireplaces, frame wall intersections, electrical chases and fixtures, cabinets. etc.
  4. Because of the costs involved in a full service log shell, using all of the techniques to make the structure fully functional, the cost of the log shell is higher than that of most other types of log construction. However, this does not necessarily mean that the total cost of the finished log home will be higher than that of other high quality handcrafted styles.

5.The general contractor and all of the subcontractors must be aware of the settling aspect of the log shell and follow the advice of the log builder when finishing the home.

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