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A Travel checklist for seniors can come in handy whenever seniors decide to go on a trip. It’s not important if they are going to the Taj Mahal or visiting some relatives in Minneapolis, it’s necessary to have a plan in place to make the trip go smoothly.

One of the things that set them apart from the usual hotels and inns is that they cater to the fishing crowd. Newcomers to the place will surely appreciate the service that they could get from the fishing lodges. For instance, they could hire a fishing guide from the lodges to take them to the best fishing spots in the place. If you are just new to fishing, the fishing guides can even teach you some tips on how you could get the prize fish that you have always wanted.

7) We are not your personal servants! Most front desk staff at Pousada Toca do Capitão em Boiçucanga CANNOT leave the front desk for any reason! (SECURITY REASONS). Which means, we can tell you where the ice is, but we cannot get it for you. We can get you an extra key to your room but we cannot bring it to you. Please respect this.

The Flagler Museum – This historic landmark was a castle that was a gift by the railroad and oil tycoon, Henry Flagler. He had the castle made for his new wife back in 1902 and they lived in it until 1913. Flagler used this castle as an office because of the spectacular view. It was situated in a location that overlooks his Palm beach hotel empire. The couple lived there until Flagler died. After his death, the castle was turned into a hotel, and then was converted into a museum. It’s now listed at the National Register of Historic Places.

It’s been said about boat ownership, that the two best days of a boat owner’s life is the day they buy the boat, and the day that they sell the boat. The same can be said about timeshare ownership. Timeshares are difficult to get rid of. There are companies that try to rip you off and claim they’ll sell your timeshare, but they usually charge a fee up front. You can try to sell your timeshare on Ebay, but good luck with that. I currently have a window up on Ebay where someone is selling their timeshare membership, minimum bid of $1, and there are 0 bids, even though the auction ends in 10 minutes. The seller was even offering to pay all the transfer costs.

What most people do not expect in Goa is shopping, but it is one of the best places to shop for the most unusual. The Anjuna Flea Market, the Saturday Night Bazaar at Anjuna, Friday Market at Mapusa Friday Market at Mapusa offers a whole variety of eatables. Ingo’s Saturday Night Market at Arpora are experiences not to be found anywhere else in the world. The beaches buzz with stalls selling t-shirts, trinkets, funky jewellery, bedspreads, mirror-work garments, electronic goods, Goan sausages, dry fish, cashew nuts, feni, Goan masalas, xacuti and cafreal spices, Goan sweets and so much more. The goodies on offer here are so tempting that you’d probably end up buying stuff that is not even needed. However don’t leave with out picking a bottle of Goan Feni.

Are you interested in traveling to Dubai? There are a lot of things to cover, since this city is different than Western cities. Check out All Things in Dubai, to learn all about this wonderful city and start planning your vacations.