2010 Dodge Challenger Srt8: The Classic Muscle Car Has Been Reborn

Driving cars on road turns out to be conventional at times. It is when the attention turns towards the world outside the road and an urge to drive the car into those areas is born. Automobile industries have produced many products to match the on road wheels to off road. Grand Vitara from Maruti Suzuki and Endeavour from Ford are two beasts that can quench the thirst of an adventurous driver. But when it comes to picking one out of the two, a lot of other factors come into picture which needs to be analyzed. After all buying car is not just about driving interests to many people.

New features include automatic limited-slip differential, side curtain air bags, traction control, 3rd row seat along with this neat double decker cargo system in the back. I’m just surprised at all the new features and benefits from the new model over the rendition I’ve got.

This Chevvy has 260 horses running amuck under the hood of this car. It has a tough suspension and an injected turbo engine. It is a nippy number that is easily labelled a FWD sports car. With bucket seats and a no-lift feature this car is the ideal base for a supped-up sports car.

My 4runner has a stout v6, but this 4runner I drove had a V8 with some power. It has 270 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. My old v6 only has 183 hp. Quite a jump in power. Even the new 4.0 V6 models have 245 hp. That’s a marked improvement.

The recent Ford cars came up with Ford EUR(TM)s powerful dual clutch gearbox. In automatic mode it is smooth. But the only way to change ratio manually is to use the awkward up or down buttons on the lever. It will be more interesting to see how the lesser variants compare. The top spec model proves the Focus still makes sense for UK buyers.

To further enhance its sport sedan performance, the Regal GS will include a lowered suspension, electronic Classic Car Limited Slip Differentials, optional 20″ forged aluminum wheels with performance tires and Brembo brakes. Inside there will be a sport steering wheel and pedals and Recaro racing style seats. A specially tuned StabiliTrak system integrated with the Regal’s Computer Damping Control will provide additional driving modes that will include a GS ultra-performance level.

From Patriot to Commander (sounds like a film title!) Jeep has pulled out all the stops to ensure they can offer a vehicle to suit all requirements. The seven slotted grille has a friendly non-aggressive look compared to a lot of SUV’s you might find bearing down on you as you glance in your mirror, that is if like me you are a bluff old traditionalist who actually uses their mirror’s these days!

There we have it then, with more than sixty years of history Jeep who pioneered driving off road demonstrate that they are still a force to be reckoned with.